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Some old USSR fx circuits
Scanned by Sergey (aka lart)

    Here are some guitar fx circuits from old Soviet Union book called 'Radio hobbists - to rural club'. This means circuits for rural radio hobbists (and sure not only for them)! Sounds funny huh?

Cover of a book (pay attention book been published in 1983 year):
first page
list of editors

First circuit - boster with russian germanium transistor.
Hey!!! Second circuit looks like Fuzz Face!
Third and fourth - just distortion circuits.
pages 66-67

Here is very interesting pic on this page! First circuit is very close to a famous mu-stage booster! Wow!!! In 1983 some of USSR hobbists discovered mu-stage sounds very cool! This impressed me much guys!!!
pages 68-69
Second circuit is wah. Third = dist+wah

First circuit is a fuzz with Schmidt trigger, second - octaver.
pages 70-71
Third one is a tone section with fet source follower.

If you interested and want to try some of this circuits:
Replace KT312, KT315 with 2N3904, BC549, 2N5088, etc.
For ICs try to use 749 chip and of course TL072, 4558.

What do you think?
Not so bad for 1983 year designs?

Remember there was a 'cold war' during this years and it was really hard to get foreign electronics devices for a simple soviet citizen!!!